Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Reid Report

Joy Reid of The Reid Report comments on the new Teele memorial on her blog, "Come on, people; a mural for Art Teele?"

File this under “Jesus, take the wheel.”

A memorial mural for Arthur Teele, the late Miami and Miami-Dade commissioner who committed suicide in 2005 in the face of corruption and sexual allegations, will be unveiled 10 a.m. Saturday at the fifth anniversary celebration of the Butterfly Garden at Northwest 54th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Miami artist Addonis Parker, who has created about 100 murals, painted the Teele mural, which was funded by the Miami Mayor’s Office of Film and Cultural Affairs and the Miami City Trust.

“I think he tried to help a lot of people,” Parker said of Teele, whom he met in 2001. “The stuff he accomplished screams louder than his mistakes.”

The “stuff he accomplished?” Where to begin …

The mural is a chessboard, with a fallen piece that depicts the fact that “the king has fallen.” Lord have mercy. And I should also mention that Miami is broke, and can’t even afford to rehab its historic once-segregated beach, Virginia Key…

Meanwhile, if you need a refresher course on Teele, the Reagan Republican who bilked Miami’s poorest neighborhoods out of untold sums of badly needed development money, and shielded himself with a phalanx of pastors and urban legends, there’s a hell of a documentary called “Miami Noir” (which you can watch here) produced about a year ago. 

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